I assure you, we won’t keep their arrival a secret :)

Several people have contacted me the last day or two concerned about my lack of posting. I’m still here, with 2 girls in utero (miraculously). I can’t get on to update often though, because I am getting progressively more ill. Now the fun, in addition to scratching so much that I’m covered in welts, rashes and scabs/blood from head to toe (seriously… no exaggeration, no place is left unscathed…except maybe my eyelids), is trying to breathe. What started as a sinus infection has now settled into my throat/chest and I’m just praying it stops at bronchitis instead of going further. Goodness knows I am the queen of bronchitis/pneumonia not pregnant, so pregnant and not sleeping I’m probably a lovely target for something at least that bad.

Still, most people around me are taking comfort in the fact that this time next week I will be the mother of two girls who no longer live in my uterus and wreak havoc on my body. In fact, I will be feeling much better, and sleeping MORE as mommy of said tangible girls, which is just pitiful. If that day wants to come even sooner than next Monday, nobody is complaining!

I will update tomorrow after my appointment, but know that I’m not ignoring you. We will not have babies and not share it with you after you’ve come this far with us, I promise 🙂 It’s just that my days are packed with repeated, scheduled, completely feeble attempts at passing the time and remaining alive, and not really filled with much else. All drama aside, I continue to covet your prayers to get through however much longer we have like this, maybe even with some semblance of sanity (despite, quite literally, sleeping 3 hours or so every 24, in about 20-30 minute increments). I know we’ll get through this, but I at least want to be remotely fit – both physically and emotionally – to take care of these babies whenever they do decide to show up!

Sorry to keep you all hanging the last few days!


  1. Keep thinking only a few days only a few days and you will have you two bundle of love. I keep thinking about you.

  2. Hey honey – here’s my email clareswindlehurst@gmail.com

    Keep hanging in there!

  3. Is Cassi going to spend much of the summer with you? The timing of the birth will be amazing the way it lines up with her school schedule, and she’s already an expert babysitter.

    Hang in there girl, you’re almost there-amazing job!

  4. I pray the sinus infection doesn’t turn into bronchitis or worse. I would think if the doctors are concerned about that, maybe they will deliver a little sooner! Hope todays appointment goes well. Call me at work to let me know how it goes. Tomorrow I will be coming over to do whatever needs done. I have a dermatologist appointment at 3:10 so I will need to leave by 2:30ish. Let me know if I need to bring anything. Love ya!