Last (scheduled) appointment! (35w4d)

The facts at a glance:

Net weight gain … 13lbs
BP … 122/80
Fundal height … 46.5cm (“46.5 weeks”)
LFTs (liver labs) … stable
Cervix Stuff … 80% effaced, 1-2cm dilated (from 60% and 1cm in 4 days)
Fetal Position … -1 station (changed from -3 in 4 days)
Fetal weight discordance … 3%

Approximated fetal weight …. freaking huge. Seriously, today they measured just over 6 pounds each. Keep in mind that the later the ultrasound, the bigger the babies, and the lower the presenting baby, the more inaccurate these predictions are. Most people I know (maybe everyone I’ve ever talked to!) that have an ultrasound this late tend to find that the babies are a pound or more off at birth. Still, it appears these girls are oinkers, and they at least won’t be tiny! Thank goodness we opted not to buy any preemie clothes!

And the rest:

We have no more appointments scheduled, since I’m having such rapid changes and the presenting baby (A) is so close to engaging. Dr. S basically just said we’ll either have babies on our own soon, or she’ll see me bright and early on Monday. Since nothing else is worrisome (no swelling, good vitals and labs, etc), unless something new comes up in the next few days, it’s just time to have babies. Music to my ears!

As for my illness, she confirmed what Kyle and I assumed, that they’ll just let it go unless I have significantly more trouble breathing. With respiratory stuff, we know perfectly well that antibiotics are not necessary unless the illness has continued 7-10 days (and is therefore likely “confirmed” as bacterial). At 10 or 11 days of full-blown illness, I will have reached my last possible c/s date and will have antibiotics on board for that. “Good timing”, the OB says. I find that an odd sentiment.

The only other news was from the ultrasound. There was a bit of hydronephrosis (fluid in the kidneys) on Baby A’s scan. This has come up with Baby B once before, so we aren’t too alarmed. Basically, it appears in this brief snapshot of time that the kidneys might not be emptying into the bladder as efficiently or as quickly as they should. When this occurred on Baby B’s scan at about 24 weeks, it resolved a few weeks later on its own. This late in the game, the number of totally benign reasons for it occurring in Baby A are quite high, so it’s not anything we should lose sleep over. Most likely, there is “obstruction” simply by positioning and the poor girl not having enough room to pee even ;), or some hormonal trigger during labor that is changing how she regulates her environment. Either way, prenatal hydronephrosis (caught on ultrasound before birth) almost always resolves before birth, or shortly thereafter. Mostly, they’ll just watch her pee when she’s born, and then move on. This is very different from hydronephrosis caught later in a child’s life (well, or at least after they have been born a while), which could signify a more serious blockage. Also, as it stands, they are hardly even concerned unless the amount of fluid reaches 6-8mm, and her measurement today was 3mm and 3.5mm, less even than Baby B’s 4mm on the aforementioned scan.

Whew! That was a mouthful, when I anticipated a quick post. Oh, well. Hopefully the next post will be less medicine, and more cute baby photos, no?


  1. I am glad you will be in the hospital a few days. They are having trouble finding people to work for me. I am off Monday but have to work open to close Tuesday. She was tryingt o get someone to cover my Thursday 8 – 2:30 but is not having luck there either. What are the visiting hours? I will want to visit my little grandbabies and you of course(!) but won’t be able to until late Tuesday. I am so bummed! She is at least trying to get me off the rest of the week.

    Love ya!

  2. GO JENNIFER AND BABIES! I will be praying for an easy delivery and healthy baby girls.

  3. Thanks Karen! 🙂

    Mom, just keep trying to get coverage when you can and we’ll work scheduling out the best way possible. I don’t think they’re too strict on visiting hours, it’s mostly up to the parents.

  4. OMG! It’s nearly time – I am sooo excited and they’re not even my babies!

    I’ve also noticed you have your first WDW trip planned for the girls – you are such cool parents 😉

  5. Well, Clare, the trip is very much planned for me as well 🙂 After being spoiled so much with last years’ trips, it will have been 15 months between trips for me, and 18 months for Kyle! We are, however, being a little bit patient and not going during our October time off. Still…. we can’t wait! But first, they need to actually get here! 🙂