Nobody in their right mind would have given us a shot in the world at getting these babies to 36 weeks, and yet here we are! It’s amazing what surprises can happen from both prayer and medical interventions! 😉 After 9 weeks of bedrest and keeping an eye on contractions, having weekly (or more frequent) exams, a few hospitalizations and numerous complications/scares….. we might honestly make it to June 16th! A handful of twin moms-to-be that I correspond with are still hanging in at 36+ weeks with no cervical changes, no labor, etc — which blows my mind. Some of them have worked even, up until very recently! It’s a great reminder to me that our girls really DIDN’T intend to stay in this long, if they had their way! Even now, it is very obvious they want out! I can’t say I’m thrilled we didn’t let them out a BIT earlier, but I’m so very thankful (and still shocked, along with Kyle and my OBs and perinatologists) that they have come this far!

In fewer than 48 hours, we’ll have these girls in our arms! Well, or at the very least I’ll be lying with my uterus getting stitched up, and we will have at least seen them briefly! 😉 Please continue to keep us all in your prayers these last few days and during delivery. While it appears all is going as wonderfully as possible, these girls will still be coming a month early. They should do more than fine, stay with us the whole time, come home with us ASAP, etc, but – as we have learned – things don’t always work out according to textbook predictions! Pray that they are able to eat like champs (um, while remembering to breathe ;)) and maintain their own body temperature, and we should all be in good shape!

We can’t wait to introduce them to the world!


  1. Shannon and Ian Ball says:

    Kyle and Jen….Ian and I are sooo suprised and excited for you both. It has been way toooooo long since we have seen or talked to you both but please know we think of you very often and wonder how things are. And by the way things sound they are amazing. What are the girls names? We will definately keep you and Kyle and these babies in our thoughts and prayers until we hear the news of their arrival. We have some time this summer where Ian and I both are off and would love to come down and see your beautiful family. Our phone numbers are: Ian 4196312772 Shannon 4196312772 Home 4195897787. Our email is If you need anything at any time(even if it 3am) don’t hesitate to call! Good Luck and God Bless.

    Shannon, Ian, and Braden

    PS..Happy Birthday a couple days early little ones!

  2. Alrighty then! Great job Jen. We think and talk about you everyday, and we’ll be praying like mad these next two days. God bless you all, and remember that your support network is HUGE. Take it easy;)