Finally Introducing our Princesses!

After the eventful pregnancy you have all followed so sweetly, the girls are finally here! Both are doing well, and haven’t left our side since their initial assessment. Mom had a bit of a time with the anesthesia, etc (why not?) but is doing much better now!

Elise Nicole Kaufman
8:35am ~ 5lb, 15oz ~ 18.5 inches

Avery Jade Kaufman
8:36am ~ 5lb, 1 oz ~ 17.5 inches

We are feeling blessed beyond measure! After wondering if we would ever get this opportunity, we have been doubly blessed, and are so excited to continue this journey! God has been so faithful in getting us this far, and – despite them still coming a month early – everyone is happy, healthy, and ready to go home as soon as they’ll let us!

More pictures, details, etc to follow ASAP. Right now, my chicken broth awaits. Yum……..

~Jennifer and Kyle


  1. YAY!!!!! Congrats on your girls… BEAUTIFUL names!!! Can’t wait for pictures!