The rest of the story… (Part 1)

Hello from Day 3 of the girls’ lives! We’re all hanging out, doing quite well, and I thought I’d fill in the rest of the details since I never got around to it, then provide a bit of an update on where we are now!

As of my last OB update, I had shared that we might hit active labor prior to our scheduled date still, which would have been fine with us! By Sunday night, we were timing contractions, and by Monday morning they were monitoring them closely pre-op to make sure they knew where things stood when they started the procedure. It seems these girls were definitely coming on the day that had been labeled as their birthday, one way or another πŸ™‚

The procedure was delayed a bit because the OB was running late, but otherwise the morning was pretty uneventful. Just a few boring hours in pre-op, feeling the babies move and wondering if they knew what was coming!

In the OR, I learned that I should feel guilty when giving children lidocaine because it burns like mad. The spinal itself was fine, except that my blood pressure dropped significantly enough for lovely side effects (breathing issues, vomiting, etc) and the fact that I hate being numb anyway. Of course, it beats the alternative! I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to really pay attention to the delivery, but a few medications from the anesthesiologist and things stablized because I felt much better as quickly as things had started! They had already started the incision when Kyle was brought back, and the girls were born within the first 10 minutes or so. The mirror was positioned so Kyle and I could watch everything that was going on (at our request), and then turned to show the area above my head when the babies were out, so we could see their initial assessments and first few minutes of life. It was all spectacular!

The remainder of the procedure is a bit of a blur, and not for cliche emotional reasons like being so enamored with the girls that I ignored the rest. I got IV Benadryl prophylactically because of the itching often caused by the anesthesia, and because of the prior itching. I hadn’t realized this, so we were very confused when I was COMPLETELY knocked out and couldn’t finish a sentance or lift my arm to scratch my face. I was relieved to hear that the Benadryl was on board, because I thought I was losing my mind! πŸ™‚ Still, if you have seen me take half a dose of Benadryl by mouth, you know that I was in lousy shape when attacked with it IV. My mom has some pretty entertaining stories of me trying to talk with her from the recovery room. It is comical now, but I was so frustrated then that I felt like I was completely missing everything!

When the girls came back to us from their initial assessment about an hour after, I was able to wake up a bit somehow, and decided at that point that yes, they were actually my babies and I was totally in love! πŸ™‚