Let the photos begin! (But read before looking, for (some of) your own good…)

You’ve been warned. There are a ton, but be assured there are plenty we aren’t even uploading! For now, I’m in the middle of uploading some but one album is complete. I decided it would be wise to keep the photos from birth and recovery separate from the ones going forward, and just give ample warning that the album contains only those pictures. I know some people could be squeamish, offended, etc by the content since babies don’t come out smelling like Johnson and Johnson’s products and looking very… kissable!

I’ll slowly but surely add more, and I’ll post here when I do to let you know!

Other than photo uploading, things are going really well. The girls are continuing to exceed their intake goals! We have to make a run to BRU today for preemie specific nipples, because we’re running out of the disposable ones from the hospital and they still don’t have quite a strong enough suck to master the other nipples, no matter how newborn friendly they claim to be. Despite being raised to “never wake a sleeping newborn”, we continue to have to wake them at times for their 3 hour feedings, which means TONS more sleep for Mommy than any time since, oh, Christmas! Daddy is not feeling so lucky, since he used to never have trouble sleeping. The girls have been pretty good to us though, only waking up 1 or 2 times in addition to our scheduled feeding times. They whimper some and need a little comfort, but we only have to get up on occasion. Not bad for 6 day old twins!

This schedule also means that we are able to enjoy one another’s company, get things done around the house (which excites the snot out of me, after bedrest!), keep up with other things we want to do… and dote all over our precious girls! All in addition to sleep. I couldn’t be happier about any of that!

The pediatrician appointment and the visit from the home nurse all went well. Everyone thinks both girls are doing spectacularly, and are impressed that they continue to need no extra typical preemie intervention. We are so impressed by them as well, and so thankful that things continue to go smoothly! Side note: unless they both shrunk an inch, someone at the hospital goofed. The ped, and the visiting nurse both have the girls as measuring 18.5 inches (Elise) and 17.5 (Avery). Just so you are aware when announcements, etc come, that I haven’t lost my mind – in that regard anyway! Both girls are back on the upswing as far as weight, as well. Avery got down to 4lb 13oz, and is today just over that. Elise got down to 5lb 10.4 oz, and is now 5lb 11.4oz.

As for mommy, my section recovery is going smoothly except when I do something really stupid, such as carry babies+carseats, or get other equally dumb ideas. At those times, there is some pretty remarkable pain, but if I’m not a total dunce, then I feel pretty darn good all around!

Back to the 3-hour block schedule…. I’ll try and get more on here soon! It’s amazing to us how much the girls have changed already, since they lost that “just born” swollen, etc look. I’ll keep plugging away!


  1. the girls are still beautiful goopy and just seconds old. those are great pictures that are just an answer to all of our prayers.

    i feel like i need to see a six day picture, too. i need to see what they look like today. i am so sad i can’t come down this weekend. can’t wait till tuesday.

  2. Absolutely phenomenal photos! But how is that a ton???

  3. Kim, it’s not a ton, there just will be (overall)! We filled a 2GB card with about 1000 photos so far….. 🙂 I will admit the pictures get less every day, but there are a LOT more coming!!