Gifts, too?!

It’s really been a wonderful day so far (as evidenced by the 4 new posts!). The girls and I had a lovely morning and early afternoon at home together, things are getting accomplished around the house, I am feeling good, and pictures are even getting uploaded! Then, to make it even more fun, we get these! —

The kicker though, was that Kyle took off a bit early from his afternoon clinic (hooray!) and came home bearing the most beautiful gift — one that made me cry like a baby (or a mommy who just had two babies).

Months ago, when we first learned we were pregnant (or perhaps even before), I fell in love with a necklace at Hannoush that featured the “Mother and Child” pendant. I told him then, almost entirely joking :), that I expected that as a gift in the hospital when our first child was born. When we found out we were having twins, I told him he was off the hook, since it only showed one child! 😉

The birth of our first child(ren) came and went, and the necklace was absolutely nowhere on my mind. Then today, he comes home with a pretty silver-wrapped box (with 2 beautiful bows, for added sentiment). Inside is a Hannoush jewelry box, with a Pandora charm bracelet. These bracelets have various charms available, including gemstones or “cutesy” charms, precious metal spacers or beads to create whatever look you’d like. Some are covered solidly with charms and colorful beads and look more casual, like this

Other women might choose something simple, like this one:

I had never seen these bracelets before, but they are really cool! The possibilities are absolutely endless.

The second concept is much more my style, so Kyle chose to make a simple, elegant looking bracelet that starts with just 2 charms — pink pearls, one for each girl, and two placed spacers to keep the pearls centered in clear view. Pearls are their birthstone and, well, what says little girls better than pink pearls anyway?! 🙂 I’m sure my description and the picture won’t do it justice, but it is so thoughtful, so beautiful, and I think it’s absolutely perfect! The girls have a pretty special Daddy!

Edit: Much better picture!


  1. How precious!! You have a thoughtful man, Jennifer 🙂

  2. I think I’ll keep him! Between him and the girls, I’d say I’m pretty blessed 🙂

  3. What a good day! You didn’t even mention any of that when I chatted with you briefly. I am so bummed that Cedarville took so long because now it will be 4 days before I see them. I am sure they have changed quite a bit.

    Take care of yourself and those precious babies until I see you all again!

    I know Shelley is probably counting down the hours for tomorrow!

  4. Well, it was a brief conversation and you weren’t exactly just sitting around chatting with me 🙂 They are so much fun…. definitely “exploring their space” more with their body… obviously not purposeful really, but moving limbs a lot, etc. I have the most hilarious picture of Avery getting herself intertwined in Elise’s legs. I’m sorry you couldn’t come over yesterday!

  5. Yup – he’s a keeper – a lot of thought went into that special gift 🙂