We opened a large size can of formula (powdered) on Thursday, in the late evening. The girls eat every three hours, about 1.5-2 ounces at a time — not much really, and only half of that is formula, sometimes less than half.

In the middle of the night last night, the can is empty.

Shame on those of you who doubted me when I said that we’d go through WELL over one can a week. Anyone still doubt our diaper mountain will be gone in less than a month?

And as a side note, what do you think — purchase stock in Mead-Johnson (Enfamil)?



  1. Melissa Rose says:

    Thats so funny! lol. Those girls are champs at eating already. 😉 But wait until your going through a can A DAY and you turn around and say “I know I JUST bought formula, and diapers, I JUST bought diapers!!” lol. Off to buy my Enfamil and Huggies stock now….Have fun with mommy and girls day!! 😉

    Melissa, Jeremiah and The Gang