On Photo Organization…

I just wanted to let you know the Picasa album has been rearranged. If you follow a link from a blog entry that doesn’t work, please let me know so I can fix it. Going forward, or until I can figure out organization I like better (our girls don’t stand a chance against list-making and other perfectionism issues with our genes!), big events such as, well, the birth of our children will likely have their own sub-album because of the number of pictures they will involve. There will also be a “(Month) Misc” Album for every month, for a few random pictures taken here and there, so as not to create a hundred different tiny albums for you to sort through. With those albums, just check back periodically as they have more photos added throughout the month!

Hopefully that will simplify things. I know I am more inclined to look at (or at least enjoy better) an album that I can follow! Please be aware as well, that while there are hundreds of pictures from apparently every day of the girls first week of life, they are tapering down. I know I’ve taken a lot of pictures that look strikingly similar to one another because I still find the girls so darn cute, but I’ve realized while looking through them that just as bad as (if not worse than) a first-time mom with a camera is a first-time grandma or first-time aunt. I think between them, every suck of a bottle and every spit-up or blink was caught the first day! I’ve been instructed to put at least a large portion of them online for family that can’t be nearby, so I thought I’d give some of you that aren’t as closely invested a heads up. They are pretty cute kids though if you have nothing else to do….. πŸ˜‰

Also, because of the volume of pictures I’m trying to get uploaded, most will start out without labels/captions. With twins, I know that might be a bit annoying. At some point, I will try and go back to label various pictures that I feel need it – or just need explanation, knowing my family πŸ™‚ – but until then, feel free to make your own guesses or just ask about a particular picture if you’re curious.

And with that, I apologize for being so slow getting these photos up! As you might imagine, it’s just more fun to spend time with these girls that I can’t get enough of than to sit in front of a computer uploading stuff.

Daddy’s at work today, though, so the girls and I are hanging out in the study to try and get them taken care of!