One Week Old!

First, how unfair is it that on bedrest one week seemed like an eternity, but now that the girls are here I blinked and one has passed?! I knew that would happen, but that warning doesn’t make it any more fair…. or make me any more prepared for it!

I swear, the girls change so much every day. They still struggle to eat some (more so now than Day 1…..?), and every third day or so one of them decides not to sleep at all for one of the three-hour blocks at night, but overall they are doing so well! Today is Daddy’s first day back at work, and while we’re doing wonderfully here (still on track with feedings, pumping, etc…. plus getting pictures uploaded, and laundry and dishes done to boot!), we miss him being home and feel so sad that he has to be there instead of with us. I can’t imagine going that long without the babies! 🙁 Thankfully it’s an easy month, and he’ll be home by dinner time! Aunt Cassi went away for a week too, so we’ll miss her a lot until she comes back!

I had thought this morning that we’d get a few highlights from the first week posted on this entry, but I haven’t really gotten through them yet. The photos from Day 1 of life are up — not too bad getting them all online only a week after! That’s better than any vacation photo upload I’ve ever managed, all while having the girls here to distract me! 🙂 When the rest do come, you’ll see that our family has gone on walks, read stories, experienced (but did not enjoy!) sponge baths, tried out a few of the girls’ “toys”, and spent lots of time cuddling. Avery lost her umbilical cord yesterday, so as soon as Elise’s comes off we’re looking forward to trying a ‘real’ bath! It’s so cliche, but we truly can’t imagine our lives without them joining us!

There are quite a few pictures from Day 1 in this album, but if you are in a hurry here are some to tide you over. None are duplicates from last week. I wasn’t able to put much thought into which ones were posted because there are just too many (and I, of course, love every one of them!:) ) so this really isn’t a great sampling at all. I’ll let you know when the following days’ photos are up. It shouldn’t be quite as long, since the numbers dropped drastically!

Cassi accurately predicted in a comment on this entry that our girls’ feet would be “just as cute” as the ones in the photo I used to announce our pregnancy. We think she was right!

Enamored parents

For a little perspective, notice that the width of Aunt Kelly’s hand is about the same size as each girls torso (and bigger than each of their heads). Kelly has a normal size hand :), they just aren’t quite as big as they look in photos!

Sweet sleepers

Just like sisters


  1. One week already?? It can’t be! Aww they’re such adorable little things – you two done good 🙂