The rest of the hospital stay, in photos

There is another album up that can be found here, with pictures from the remaining few days we all spent at The Christ Hospital. As I promised, the volume gets more manageable 🙂 180 photos or so from Day 1, and the next 2.5 days have about 130 total. Still, I told you that a lot were taken!

If you don’t look at any other albums for a while, this one definitely has a ton of my favorite shots. At the risk of making the longest blog entry known to man, I will just add a (few) handful(s). But if you’re up to it, flip through the rest even quickly… there are some that might bring a smile to your face, that I just couldn’t make enough room for here.

Enjoy! Goodness knows we are 😉

Mommy loves her girls!

Smiles, etc — however involuntary

Better examples of their size?

Twin bonding – not once did we put them less than several inches apart, and yet they just get themselves together, despite being completely immobile otherwise! (Seeing this will never get old)… and the last picture? They did this in their sleep, both of them. And it wasn’t the last time we found them like this!

Finally, a few more we love that just couldn’t go unshared, for those that just read here:

Time for the girls to to meet (most of the) rest of their Med-Peds family! And Daddy is off the next 3 days! Woohoo!


  1. What a great sampling of pictures. You look beautiful and the girls are just absolutely adorable! See you after I get off work!

  2. Those are the absolute cutest pictures ever! 😀