Homeward Bound! (Well, we were several days ago…)

June 19th, getting these girls HOME!

I think they have room to grow…

Riding down to the car!

First car ride!

Finally home! Checking out the joint…. well, except not very alertly. And no, we did not position Avery in her chair like that. She’s just a little diva, apparently.

The rest of the album can be found here!


  1. Melissa Rose says:

    They are so cute!! Those chairs with their names on them are absolutely adorable! Are they identical? They look so much alike. Congrats again and enjoy!! Although, I know you are. 😉


  2. Thank you! 🙂 They are actually fraternal. In some pictures they look a lot alike, but I think they are easier to tell apart in person! We really are having a wonderful time with them!

  3. Ok, so those were the most adorable pictures ever until I saw these too! They’re all so freaking cute! 😀

  4. Sharon Castor says:


    I left a message earlier, but must have done something wrong. The babies are absolutely adorable and look to be growing so fast already. I think I’ve been able to figure out which one is which. Elise has a round face and Avery has a longer face. Of course, I could have their names mixed up:)


  5. Hi Sharon! I didn’t get a notification about a message before this one from you, sorry! Face shape is the way a lot of people tell them apart, but Avery has the round face 🙂 Still, definitely a good way to tell! I still think it’s MUCH harder with just pictures!