Appointments All Around!

Well, I suppose the girls didn’t really have an appointment. There pediatrician wasn’t even there, but the staff recognized us and let us right in for our weight check… which was quite a success! The girls are both growing well, and at about the same pace. I knew they were getting big, but it’s a shock to see it in writing! Elise is now up to 7lb, 13oz and Avery is at 6lb, 11oz. They seem huge to us, so it’s always fun to realize that they are still smaller than many newborns… and they are nearing a month old! According to the CCHMC Growth Chart Plotter that Kyle showed me (we’re such nerds), they are now in approximately the 18th and 6th percentiles for weight, respectively. Not bad, coming from right about the 5th percentile (or a bit below)!

Following their visit to the Peds office, I had my follow-up OB appointment. At 3 weeks post-partum, I weighed in at 12.5 pounds less than my first prenatal appointment there, and about 10 pounds less than when we started this journey at all. Not a bad bonus to make up for such a rotten pregnancy, but it’s a diet plan I wouldn’t really recommend! 🙂 Now, to try my darndest to keep the weight off without 2 (adorable) parasites stealing everything from me! Everything else went well. My incision looks good, the OB is impressed at my quick recovery and told me I need to really make sure I’m not overdoing it :), etc. I don’t have to come back at 6 weeks out, and I’m pretty much cleared from any restrictions except for heavy lifting, weight training and “anything else that feels like too much”. In about 2-3 weeks, I’ll have no restrictions at all. You know I’m going to run out and start weight training at that moment! 😉

It was genuinely nice to see my OB, and talk with her about the girls, while she held them and oohed over them. We talked about the delivery, the recovery, the fact that the girls didn’t need extra interventions, how they are growing now, etc. It turns out that, when they sent the placentas for studying (standard of care with multiples), there was what they call syncytial knotting, which indicates they were starting to “poop out”, as Dr. S. put it. The girls were coming on their own anyway, but it seems it was definitely time. Placentas that work are the best kind.

It was truly nice to be in that room, able to move and breathe and not be in horrific pain. It was nice to not have an internal exam, or to wonder about what news I might hear this week. It was almost just like visiting a friend. A friend who gives Enfamil samples, and wishes me well as I get to go a whole 6ish months without setting foot in that office again!

Off to heat up dinner. Kyle’s finally on his way home, the girls are fussing out of nowhere, and it’s simply time to eat and relax!

Take care!


  1. you sound so energetic to have 2! Nice job on the weight check (and yours too) I hear ya on the diet plan I would not reccommend