Hooray! I finally designed a template I like. You know, for a few weeks anyway 🙂

Busy day today…. the girls and I went to Maxim and Max’s House to meet the friends there. Then we went to Sam’s for diapers and formula (but forgot the diapers, which is why we went out in the first place!). This evening, Aunt Jade visited! Now it’s bathtime before heading to bed. And if you are wondering, last night’s “baby directed” feeding schedule looked a whole lot like the every 3 hour schedule we had previously directed. Here’s hoping tonight is a little different!

Tomorrow, we visit Daddy at work for lunch and meet a lot more of the Med-Peds family. What fun! Sleep well, and a little extra for us…


  1. I love the layout. Did Molly not get to come? How did it go at Maxim? I hope everything is able to be worked out for you in the end.

    I need to know your schedule for next week. I am off until Thursday! I had thought about coming by today but then read the blog about lunch with Kyle so I decided to stick around the house and get things done here. I have plenty to do between Lakota Pointe VBS and our upcoming VBS.

    Hope you had a fun day today!
    Love ya!

  2. Molly wasn’t able to come 🙁 and Maxim was… Maxim. No, it was fine. Everyone was really supportive of the crap the company is pulling, but it was kind of sad to be there and explain — especially at the center. Today was… interesting. I’m glad to be home, and trying to get the house back in order. Talk to you soon!