Happy Due Date, Elise and Avery!

So today is July 11th, which means the babies should be here by now! šŸ˜› In honor of that, let’s do a quick recap, shall we?

June 16th: Eating one ounce per feed was miraculous
July 11th: The girls usually eat 3-4 ounces per feed (even Avery, lately!)…. We’re also able to use about 3 different nipples, instead of just one!

June 16th: Avery shocked us all by being alert for about 20 minutes on Day 1 of life (excellent for a preemie, but still…). Elise’s grand total got somewhere close to 4 or 5 minutes that day…….
July 11th: Alert periods (both quiet and active) total upwards of 3 hours per day, in fairly predictable patterns.

June 16th: The smallest “Newborn” sized pants we could find didn’t fit in the slightest:

July 11th: Well… they still don’t fit :), but the girls are getting much closer!

(As a side note – and yes, maybe with a bit of a crack at “belly shots” – Mommy’s belly is going in the opposite direction…. for which she is VERY thankful!)

A few more pictures from last night and this morning, as our girls finally make it to “40 weeks”! šŸ˜€

Finally, just as an FYI. I have added some pictures to the July sub-album on Picasa. Instead of telling you that every time, I will try and add an “update date” to the link in the sidebar (as you can see now) when I add pictures. Hopefully that will keep you from checking for nothing, or from missing new photos when they are added.

Take care!


  1. Happy due date day! Go girls!! ALl 3 of you – you look Fantastic

  2. They’re looking so freaking adorable, as usual! šŸ˜€

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…wonderful job with the recap. Those girls have come a long way! They are just too adorable for words.