Busy Half-Week…

What a busy week so far! The girls have experienced a lot the past week and a half, whether they realize it or not! 🙂 After about 12 weeks (bedrest + post op), I am finally “allowed” to get out of the house, even when we’re by ourselves….. so I sure have! We have gone to the grocery store (we always need diapers), Hallmark for Ornament Premiere Weekend (done with that part of Christmas shopping!), Target several times, the mall for the first time in a LONG time, Circuit City (whose carts are ENTIRELY too small for even one infant carrier!) and today to Bridgewater Falls to run a few errands and sit for Elise and Avery’s first portrait session! They are so cute (or the photographer was so good…. think what you want ;)) that they will be featured on at least one studio wall, if not a few in the Cincinnati area! That’s fun, but the best part is that the giant canvas portrait, when it gets replaced, is ours for the keeping! I’m not sure it will be at home in our humble abode, but it’s still cool 🙂 I desperately wanted about 80% of the pictures they took, but was very responsible and only got several. I have a twinge of regret for not getting one of them, but I’ll move on eventually! Not bad for our first time… I’ll have links or proofs available eventually, whenever they find their way online.

We also discovered a great store at the mall! We had avoided it in the past, because it looked like a place where I could spend way too much money (and I still could, I suppose!). It turns out, though, that the Children’s books and toys in said store are overstock from various places, and are super cheap! Score! (You know, because the girls don’t have a lot of books …. ) 🙂 The girls were very alert and content in the July heat (that makes only 2 of us!), and did very well at the mall. Of course, most of the time they slept… but when they were awake, you could tell they enjoyed their first good shopping experience 😉

Going into their second month of life, my big girls have finally started to grow into some of their newborn clothes! 🙂 Depending on the brand, of course, some are still too big… and 0-3 Month outfits are totally out of the question. Still, we’re getting closer, and actually getting some wear out of our adorable summer outfits!

Nevertheless, apparently even newborn summer hats are still a bit on the large side ….

While we were at Target and the mall yesterday, we decided to look for sun hats that might fit. These looked close, but they still have a little ways to go. Bummer!

Today we walked, which is very different than “we went for a walk”. After about 2 miles around the neighborhood, at a pretty poor 17-min/mile pace, I realized that being a couch potato (and maybe just being pregnant…. but CERTAINLY the combination of the two) wreaks total havoc on your body. I was ok, and we obviously kept a faster pace than our leisurely strolls the past few weeks, but I am in shock at how weak I have become! Boo!

In much better news, last night the girls went two stints of 4.5 hours of sleep, with just one nighttime feed! Things were NOT going well at the beginning of the night, so we traded the receiving blankets for the Small Swaddle-Mes.

After we grieved a little that they are growing so much, so quickly …. voila! Between that small change and offering 5 ounces for the 2 late feeds, it was a great night! Of course, that threw today off… but they’re getting there! Speaking of which, it’s time to eat, because it’s always time to eat 🙂 Have a great night!


  1. Melissa Rose says:


    One of these days we are going to have to get over there and see these girls in person because they are just TOO CUTE!! Congrats on your first mommy and girls alone outing!! 😉


  2. Happy 1 month – they are just totally cute!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Melissa, we actually do quite a bit just mommy and girls 🙂 We love having Daddy home, for sure, but I think sometimes – though certainly not always – our schedule stays more consistent during the day when it’s just the 3 of us …. mostly because I have no choice! 🙂

  4. They are amazingly awesome! When do you get that link to JC Penny? I want to show Cassi and your dad the adorable pictures.

  5. Ugh…. I got home and saw that it said TEN BUSINESS DAYS! That could be after our prints come. Amy said it doesn’t take that long usually though, so I keep checking! Also, you are allowed to save, link, etc to all the pictures from there (but of course very small files). Cool, huh?! 🙂 Hopefully it won’t take forever, I’m dying to show Kyle something more than the 1 inch black and white printout!

  6. They are so stinking cute! 😀 I can’t wait to go visit again. 🙂