Happy Friday, everyone! Today was filled with lots and lots of errands, but that ended up a blessing for sure! It turns out that by force-feeding the girls for so long to keep them in an acceptable range until hitting term, etc, we have ended up getting them stuck in a cycle of overfeeding. On paper, this is easy(ish) to correct. In reality, it means screaming girls several times throughout the day …. so multiple car rides turned out to be as beneficial for Elise and Avery as it was for Mommy’s checklist! 😉 We have figured out that the most logical way to taper off a bit is to increase time between feeds, so we’ll see how that goes. It’s worked fine some nights (certainly not all…. notice I didn’t brag at all about last night’s sleeping efforts!), so hopefully it won’t be too difficult a transition. Who would have thought we’d find ourselves in this predicament with our little girls!?

That’s seriously about it for an update. The camera broke temporarily this morning, which had me in a minor frenzy…. mostly because I want/need a new camera, but not quite as immediately as it appeared I would be getting one. I fixed it though, so we can hold off – which is truly a relief! That’s about it. It’s been a pretty boring day, and not near as productive as I might have hoped. We were going to go to the Museum Center (Free today, from 4-8!), but Kyle has to take calls from 4-10pm. It’s almost the weekend though, which means nothing to our schedule… but it does mean that Kyle is home!

If we do anything exciting, I promise I’ll update. Until then, enjoy your weekend!