Since the girls’ birth, I have felt like Elise looks a bit more like Kyle than like me, but I have definitely caught glimpses of myself in her at times. Avery, on the other hand, hasn’t looked much like either of us that I can tell. In very early pictures, she looked a lot like Aunt Cassi did as a newborn…. which I suppose means she expresses some Lawless genes, but other than maybe having her Mommy’s eyes we thought she just looks like Avery!

That was until today. I came across several pictures that solidified that she’s mine ;), but this one is so good that at first Kyle didn’t realize it wasn’t her!

(Also of note, who knew they had bouncy seats back in the day?!)


  1. look at you. It does look like her Alot

  2. LOL! My first thought was “they had bouncy seats when we were kids?!”…

    That pic does resemble Avery!

  3. Jen- Cassi thought it was Avery also. I recognize the picture. I said I thought Elise looked like Kyle except at times I saw you in her sort of. I am not very good at seeing who looks like who though unless I see pictures like that. Great picture!

    Hope your visit with the Kaufmans was enjoyed by all…I am sure it was!