Lots of new friends, and new clothes!

The last several days, Elise and Avery have met lots of new people! Unfortunately we don’t have very many pictures to show for it! πŸ™

Last week we played with Sunnie and visited with Miss Sara. She was smart enough to get a picture or two! The girls were much happier most of the visit than they appear here πŸ™‚

Then yesterday, after a long day of errands and a ridiculously chaotic cheesecake adventure (don’t ask), we visited with Aunties Leah and Anna, as well as “the other” Anna (sorry Anna B…. I promise you’ll always be “the original” Anna Broun/Brown at least! ;)), Miss Karen, Mr. Dave, Mr. Daniel Mr. Philip, and – best of all – a new friend Eli! Eli is a little bigger than the girls for now, so they didn’t play too much yet πŸ˜‰ Someday, hopefully!

Today, Miss Beth came over with her daughter Addy for a quick visit! Addy liked checking out the girls (and the cord to the swing!), and was very-well behaved – even at just 10 months! They brought the girls toys and 2 great new word books, with really neat pictures! Thank you Beth and Addy!

My baby girls are finally really fitting into their newborn clothes! 0-3 months are still too big, but the NB ones don’t COMPLETELY engulf them anyway… so I’ll leave you with a few cute pictures. They really are getting too big!


  1. As always, they are just way too cute! I am so glad to see them get to wear some of the newborn outfits. Thanks for all the trouble you went through yesterday. I soooooooooooooooo enjoyed my piece of cheesecake. I felt totally loved when you brought that to me. We can’t wait to see the girls tomorrow.

    Love ya!