August = Football Month!

Ok, so we still have to wait until August 30th…. but it’s coming! The girls don’t know it yet, but they really are huge Buckeye fans. After all, they were born into this family – it’s their birthright!


  1. give me an A!!
    give me an E!!
    you guys are soooo cute!

    love you lots. cartharsis is a good thing jen. i can relate on a very small scale…when i feel guilty that i picked up elise first the last 2 times that i was there. i think you are a wonderful mom with plenty of love to go around. and i can see that the girls will have their own identities and yet have a built in best friend. and hopefully you will be able to stay home with the girls and not have to go back to work. but if you ever need to work, you seriously need to think about being a novelist. i was in tears reading this and wasn’t even sure why….

    God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy.