Still Sick (Sick Again?)…. but full of smiles!

The previous two days, the girls had been seemingly improving. Less suctioning required, (ever-so-)slightly less fussing, no fever, etc. Then yesterday afternoon, the fussing started again. Inconsolable, sometimes even during car trips! Today, there is a moderate return of respiratory symptoms ……. in addition to diarrhea, extra ‘vomiting’, etc. The girls, for most of the day, have looked like they feel like crap. And yet, we are seeing more and more social smiles — now, enough to catch several on camera! I’m sure there will be plenty more where these came from, when the days aren’t filled with sickness and poor attempts at rest. Until then…


  1. Did you have Kyle look in their ears? I hope they are not getting sick…they are too sad when they are crying like that.