After 2 months….

I can’t believe August is halfway over. The school bus will be making its practice runs soon, I will put out fall decorations and bowls full of Candy Corn around the same time (hey, at least I didn’t do it August 1st like last year!)… and it’s been two whole months since I gave birth to the two most beautiful baby girls I know! 🙂

If you are keeping track, the left and right halves of my abdominal wall are almost all the way back together! The lower few inches, where they were the most separated, have about a fingertip length more distance than they should — but this means I’m clear to exercise them without forcing/keeping them apart! I honestly was so thrilled to do abdominal exercises this week! I won’t lie, it was moderately frustrating that my favorites were so much harder than they were the first time I ever did them, but in general, I never knew I could enjoy working out so much 😉 I have gotten back on the Wii Fit wagon too, so hopefully I’ll see better results soon. I’ve gained about 3 pounds since my lowest post-pregnancy weight, which is annoying. Why is it so easy to put the weight back on?! I’m determined to take advantage of the “bonus” weight loss though (still down about 12 pounds from pre-pregnancy), so I’m getting my butt back in gear effective immediately.

Otherwise, I think I’m slowly getting back to normal! The itchiness and my rash-covered legs seem to be subsiding (knock on wood) (just as it gets cool enough not to swelter in pants….annoying). My incision is closed except for 2.5 spots, at least for now. My joints seem to be back to what I had become accustomed to, but holy crap did I lose all the flexibility I might have managed to salvage prior to bedrest!

All right, I know what you’re thinking — When is Jennifer going to remember that this is not a fitness/health blog, it’s a blog about their family – namely the two smallest, cutest members? I hear you.

Avery and Elise are, for the most part, back in full swing. We still have a random low-grade fever on occasion and a little additional neediness, but they’re much happier than they were when illness ran rampant in our house! They are also finally returning to a more tolerable nighttime schedule. They sleep about 5 hours then 3.5-4 between feeds at night, which is better — but still not enough restful sleep for two growing girls! We’re working on establishing a daytime routine in the next month or so though, so that should help tremendously. As I write, they are napping in their big-girl cribs after being up playing all morning. That’s a good start!

They each continue to take 4 ounces of formula every 4 hours during the day, and 5 ounces for one or two feeds at night (depending on how the timing falls). This will likely increase soon because they’re starting to think we’re starving them, even though that’s a very appropriate amount for their weight. I still can’t fathom how Kyle and I goofed so badly during weeks 3-5 with the massive overfeeding. I’m interested to hear how their appointments go on Wednesday, but I think they’ve literally jumped been shoved across several thresholds on the growth charts. As embarrassing as that is now, in the long run I suppose it just means we caught up faster than we might have, and there should not really be too many ramifications since it was corrected fairly quickly.

We are not buying anymore Newborn diapers after we go through the last few we have here. The Size 1s are still a little too big, but they get the job done for the most part, and are a) much easier to find and b) much cheaper per diaper. 0-3 month clothing is starting to fit (depending on the brand), and they are filling out all of their Newborn outfits very nicely. They are actually getting a bit long for a few of them, even though a similar outfit in 0-3 swallows them. Maybe it IS a good thing we forced on an extra pound or two! 🙂

I’ve tried to update along the way with their playtime changes. A few other things of note — Elise has rolled from belly to back a couple of times, but only when she’s mad or when we aren’t around to see it. Go figure. They still get lots of tummy time during the day, but are having a bit of trouble holding their heads up for too long during “flat” tummy time (no Boppy, etc for a boost). Still, they’re doing wonderfully even for their age, which is especially comforting considering their adjusted age is about 5 weeks old! And by the way, the hair on the top of their heads is just starting to grow back in…. which makes their mommy VERY happy!

Ok, enough of the novel. I’ll leave you with the expected photos (taken at one week and each month) …. look how big they are getting (and how cute they are staying ;))!


  1. They have grown soooo much! It is hard to believe they are 2 months old already.

    You guys are doing an excellent job with them and I am so thankful they are feeling better!

  2. They are getting more beautiful every day (I didn’t think that was possible either. ;)! 😀