Who would have thought….

… that Babies R Us – “The Baby Superstore” – would have carts that aren’t compatible with infant carriers?! Nothing like shoving purchases in various places in the bus (stroller), hoping that nobody thinks you’re attempting to shoplift!


  1. Anonymous says:

    OHMG! I know! When i go shopping people think Im shoplifting too b/c i have to shove stuff under the carrier. And by the time the bagger bags my stuff all together he is like, “how did you get all that stuff in there?” And i say, ” I don’t know. It’s a miracle.”

    Just wait until you discover how many public places DONT have changing tables in their restrooms….

  2. Just wait until you want to go into a store that doesn’t use shopping carts at all! Hello Circuit City!! ;-(


  3. Our circuit city has carts, but they are so small (in every dimension) that even a single infant seat doesn’t fit… not even in the basket! I learned that on our first trip out, and haven’t been back since! 😉