More than One-Third through September already?!

I simply cannot get used to how quickly time passes now that Avery and Elise are here with me every day. Here are some photos, in case you haven’t checked out the September Picasa album yet …. they really are getting so big! They are 12.5 weeks old, you know!

The girls are really starting to get a kick out of one another!

Avery was craning her head so hard I thought she’d spin it all the way around, just to check out what Elise was up to! 🙂

Look how big Avery is in the swing now, especially compared to a few months ago! This outfit is still a newborn outfit, but they seem SO big to us! (I am pretty consistently packing up the outfits they’ve worn though… we have to try and get some use out of the 0-3 month clothes, even if they’re too big. The newborn used to be huge on them too, and that obviously changed!)

Some things never change, though! Remember this, in case I ever get the “Elise of Many Faces” blog entry up that I’ve been working on in my head since the girls came home from the hospital! 😉 She’s such a silly (adorable!) girl!

I have lots of great video to show if I ever manage to upload it to the computer. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, though… sorry!

I hope you are enjoying your September. Maybe soon, it will actually feel and look like Autumn! Let’s hope! 😉


  1. oh my gosh jen, i can’t believe that is elise in the last picture, she looks so much like avery in that picture.

  2. On Tuesday, I came home from the store and Kyle was holding Avery. He had told me on the phone she was fussy, and that Elise was content in the swing. I glanced at them, and said ‘I thought Avery was the fussy one’! Their own mother! :-0 🙂 Sometimes when you take a glimpse of either of them, they look just alike!