Back to the Present! Hooray!

(Of course, that’s not near as exciting for you since, if anyone is actually reading these entries, you are doing so all at once. So much for suspense! ;))

Anyway, we have everything functioning this morning, maybe even for good — although I’m sure all things are technically still subject to change. The hundreds and hundreds of closings listed the past several days are down to 134 businesses, and some schools are back in session (although not most). The latest projections have 75-80% of people with power by midnight tonight. The graphs and data being presented by Duke Energy is remarkable… the efforts have REALLY steepened. The first couple of days, maybe 50,000 homes got power in a 24-hour period. Now, 45,000 had power restored in just a 3-hour period yesterday evening. Everywhere we have driven lately, we see dozens of Duke crews. It’s really cool! I hope the community is as thankful as we are for those crews working non-stop (16-hours on, 16-hours off, every day) to help restore some order.

I look forward to getting back in touch with so many of you (and catching up on emails, etc) but I have no time right now. I had to do things of priority (you know — bank accounts, blog ;)), now it’s time to get ready. We have an extremely busy day today! Hopefully a gas station or two will be open, as yesterday evening we had ZERO luck and I desperately need to fill up!

We have lots of pictures, etc to post …. hopefully there will be some time to catch up in the next few days. The girls turned 3 months yesterday!