HFTP, Part 2: Our First Night in the Dark

(Monday morning)
After searching in the dark to round up lights, lanterns, etc, it appeared I would have very little to work with the first night. It turns out, most things require battery packs that lose charge of course when not used often. I gave the girls baths by flashlight, and we were doing our best to settle in. “Dinner” was going to be crackers, fruit snacks, a york peppermint patty, and a bag of chips. Instead, it was just the candy and a bottle of water. It was too late to deal with anything else.

As a side note, Kyle demonstrated the phenomenon that is “being stuck inside a big hospital” ☺. As mentioned, he is on call overnight. Somewhere between trying to keep the dog from blowing away, taking care of the girls, bringing our patio furniture into the kitchen, messing with the garage door, etc, I checked a voicemail from him. In the most pleasant voice, I hear “Hey, it’s me. Just checking in, we’re pretty bored here. It’s the strangest thing….. the VA still doesn’t have power, and it’s been like 2 hours! We’re just sitting around in the lounge. Hmm… I guess you’re still out with your family. I hope you and the girls are having a great night. Call me when you want, or when you’re bored.” Clearly, he didn’t have the first clue about what was going on in the rest of the city!

The girls and I didn’t sleep great, mostly because it was about 94 degrees in the house. It was also quite interesting to carry around the flashlights for nighttime feeds and changes, of which there were significantly more than usual.

The electricity is still off this morning, and Duke Energy says it will likely still be off for days. I’m trying to figure out what our plans will be for the day… More later!