HFTP, Part 5: Let there be Light! …. ?

Murphy and Jennifer are two pretty smart cookies. ☺

At about 1:30am, our electricity came on! We fed the girls with actual light, had trouble falling back to sleep because of the too-bright street lights, etc. It was great! Then just before we fell asleep, it all went black again.

“I guess we shouldn’t get our hopes up, huh?” asked Kyle. We were totally bummed!

Alas, today was a new day. We had brainstormed more ideas to pass the time if, in fact, we were without power for several more days. I was mentally preparing to be in an eerily quiet house again while Kyle was gone, which is totally annoying. We were thankful that our damage was still minimal, our families were safe, etc. It was going to be ok. In fact, the whole thing isn’t really a big deal at all, compared to what it could be!

And then later this morning? …. we were plugged in again – at least in part! Half of our house was still without power, but a few breaker switches took care of that. It turns out, living within two miles of 3 or 4 Lakota elementary schools is a very good thing. We are on the same system, apparently, as some combination of those schools… so when the crews moved on from emergency “stuff” to schools, we were next on the list! 48 hours with two infants and no power isn’t fun, but we were prepared for it to be so much worse. (And are also knocking on wood, that no more trees fall or anything else that would put us back in the same position!)

The city is still doing a lot of cleanup. We still don’t have phone or internet (along with most everyone I know, besides a few very fortunate folks!). Lots and lots and LOTS of roofs will need significant repair, including my parents’. City workers, tree removal crews, etc are working around the clock (along with, obviously, the Duke Energy crews, which now include about 400 from other parts of the area, which will more than double the efforts to regain power around town). Schools are still out, but many are expected to go back tomorrow on generator power or with restored electricity. Water is still one of the biggest concerns city-wide, so my dishes and laundry will wait yet again. Our lights flicker on occasion, making my heart skip a beat, but we’re still going strong for now!

Governor Strickland and OEMA are in town today, assessing the area. The national guard is on call. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin canceled a fundraiser in town so as not to pull security, etc away from the rest of the areas. Sadly, looting has become a real issue. 60% of the city is still without a lick of power. 50% are still without any form of phone service, and most cell phone networks are still spotty at best. More Duke crews and auxillary (contracted) companies are pouring in to try and speed up the process, but it’s just a bit of a mess still. Please keep the families in your prayers that have major damage to their homes. Area hotels are full of them, and others such as my parents and their neighbors are still home, praising God that the forecast doesn’t call for rain for a little while.

The silver lining? Fall weather is here, at least for the week! (She writes, while sitting in her jeans and favorite old Miami hoodie, shivering occasionally with a strong breeze through the open windows…)

Hopefully the next entry might be from the present! ☺