HFTP, Part 6: The Transition

(Tuesday Evening)

Well, maybe it was a bit soon to get excited. Maybe not…? Our electricity has been on and off today. Nothing substantial (read: ruining any remnants we have of food, etc), just enough to make us wonder. Still no phone or internet, but what are you going to do?

I did confirm though, several times, that my thinking was accurate — the only reason we have some semblance of power is due to our proximity to the various schools nearby. The news has made it increasingly clear that they are not even attempting to look at residential outages until emergency ‘stuff’, schools, and major commercial areas (obviously as well as all traffic signals and other safety mechanisms!) are back up and running. It really will be several more days for most people…. and not just people out in the middle of nowhere. I hope our power is here to stay!

Today we went back to my parents for a while, where the neighbors still continue to clean up branches, downed power lines (and even telephone poles). There are absolutely humongous trees just lifted up, roots and all. It’s quite odd, again, because there was no storm. If you looked out a Cincinnati window for the last several days, you would have seen nothing but beautiful skies and a little sprinkle here and there.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Sharon Castor says:


    I love your style of writing and do look at your blog all the time even if I don’t post replies. I can’t believe the girls are getting so big. How much damage did your Mom’s house get. We were one of the lucky ones who never lost power, although most everyone else did. Glad to see that you could find humor in all of this.


  2. Sharon, I’m glad to hear you didn’t have too much trouble with the winds! Thank you for your compliment. I enjoy writing, although I must admit I don’t pay much attention to what I’m writing… I just babble, and apparently it’s sometimes entertaining! 😉

    My parents didn’t have too much damage, thankfully, compared to some of their neighbors! They watched a couple of very large trees fall, and of course have branches everywhere and some roof damage, but it could have been much much worse!