I did it! I got everything packed yesterday, so today I can spend time getting caught up on here (and, you know, cleaning, etc. Oh, and playing with my new camera!)

Anyway, to keep you entertained while we’re out and about in the Windy City this week, I’ll give you a little bit today, and then set it up that you’ll also get new posts over the next couple of days. Lucky you! 😉

We have been so busy lately! On September 13th, we had the “Party at Elise and Avery’s Crib”, where we got to catch up with lots of old friends, and the girls got to meet some more of their Aunties and Uncles. They even met a new friend, Abby, who is just a few days older than them. No pictures from that entire day, sorry!

The 14th was the “Hurricane of the Midwest”, so the rest of last week was a bit off, what with no power, phone, etc. You read about it, I’ll spare you the rehash. (Thank goodness, they all thought.) September 15th was Pappy’s birthday, so on the 16th we had dinner at the Lawless’ to celebrate. We were there anyway, after all, for post-“storm” stuff! You will, of course, get an entry celebrating the girls 3-month birthday with the traditional monthly pictures!

On Wednesday, September 17th, Kyle and the girls got to join Cassi, Thea and I for the 2nd Annual Bark in the Park at the Great American Ballpark. You may recall this entry recapping last year’s event. The club didn’t go all out this year so I was somewhat disappointed in several aspects, but it was a good time nonetheless. More on that later!

Throw in a few overnight call days for Kyle, and the rest of the week went by pretty much without incident. Playing, running errands galore, lots of laundry, etc. Nothing too exhilerating! 😉

On Saturday (9/20), we took the girls to Kings Island with Grandma Shelly! Sure, it was mostly so Kyle and I could get our thrill ride fix (it’s been entirely too long!) but the girls enjoyed the sights and sounds, and even got to ride a couple of rides in Kiddie Land. Sadly though, they had to sit on a stupid bench on the Carousel. Some rule about needing their feet covered in order to ride a horse …….? Whatever. We have a few pictures to share from that day, so stay tuned!

This week has just begun, but we’ve been busy as usual! Monday I took the girls to the studio for their rescheduled 3-month portraits. They were less than stellar to say the least, but we will have a few to show for the effort anyway! We have a family shoot scheduled in a couple of weeks, so hopefully the girls will cooperate a bit better then!

Yesterday was spent packing for this trip to Chicago, and discovering that I need to be a bit scared about flying to Disney in March! It will be fine, I’m just going to have to start planning my packing strategy in the next week or two! Ok, maybe not. But by January, for sure! 😛 Seriously, we take so much stuff as a 4-person family! Thank goodness for lots of trunk space, this time around!

So after that lovely (boring) recap, I will leave you with a few pictures, that don’t fit in the upcoming entries. Hope everyone is doing well!

Elise, after seeing Avery rock out at Guitar Hero, takes on the Nintendo

Happy girls during one morning play session. So big!

Elise’s new favorite sleep position


  1. So cute. 😀