Bark in the Park 2008

As mentioned, September 17th was the second annual “Bark in the Park” Reds game. From a baseball standpoint, it was actually a fabulous game! Aaron Harang pitched a complete game shut out, and the Reds didn’t look awful as a whole! Too bad they were already eliminated and about a hundred games back. Ahhhh, professional sports in Cincinnati.

The event was, once again, a lot of fun! A few sections of the ballpark were taken over with about 450 dogs and their respective owners. Like last year, dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments hung out over a little helping of America’s Favorite Pastime. There were a few more scuffles this year than last, if I recall correctly, but Thea was an angel! There were booths and photos and contests and – the highlight! – a parade on the field prior to game start, just like the event in 2007. It was really just the “little stuff” that I missed — photos of players on the Jumbotron replaced with dogs… dog-themed music and clips …. silly stuff that they probably thought would go unnoticed, but it didn’t.

Still, it was a good time, and I’m glad Kyle got to come with us. We with our “triplets” were certainly a sight to behold, as a dozen people stopped and told us! 😉

Picture time! (As always, more available in the Picasa album! Link on the right sidebar)