Chicago was a good time, albeit different than previous childless trips, when we could get through things much more quickly!

We set out on the road on Wednesday at about 2:00pm. The drive was very uneventful. Some snacking, a drive-through, a rest stop to feed and change the girls. Nothing special, by any means. At about 7pm CST we arrived at our hotel, The Wyndham Chicago Downtown. It was nice enough, although nothing to write home about. The location was great though, a block from the Magnificent Mile, a few blocks from Kyle’s conference center, and a short walk to the Navy Pier, John Hancock Center, beaches, etc.

We ordered a stuffed pizza from Giordano’s, at the recommendation of the concierge. It was good, but ENTIRELY too filling. We ended up wasting so much of it, without a refrigerator! šŸ™ (Side note, I will forever love the Disney Vacation Club. No fridge, tolerable. No kitchen in which to wash and store bottles — ick! It’s just not right being expected to wash and/or keep baby bottles next to the toilet…. blech blech blech. Anyway….)

Thursday morning we slept in until about 7am, then Kyle got ready and headed for the Gleacher Center in order to register and set up. The girls and I hit Michigan Avenue! No pictures because, well, it was the same thing, different scene. Better shops, more crowds, but otherwise it was just like any other day of errands. We met up with Kyle for lunch, and then continued walking around the city, having not really been impressed with the shopping. Somehow having two adorable girls for which to shop make Coach and Cartier less appealing, leaving you wishing for a Children’s Place or something! šŸ˜‰

At about 2pm, the girls and I headed back to the hotel so they could get a nap. When they woke up, Kyle was back and we headed out to the Navy Pier!

In the fall, there isn’t a lot going on at Navy Pier during the week, so it was a simple evening. We took a nice stroll along the lake, ate at a cute little cafe wtih the sweetest server, and played in a funhouse maze — no joke.

I decided that the next time we come back we need to book a dinner cruise on a yacht! Man, that looked like a good, classy outing! Alas, funhouses and ferris wheels for us. Well, minus the ferris wheel part. On my Top 2 list for “Things to Do In Chicago” were 1) Get a good family picture at the Cloud Gate sculpture and 2) Ride the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. Neither thing happened. They were going to charge us 4 full admissions, because we were “4 people”. Um…. no thanks. I’m absolutely not going to fork over an additional $20 so my sleeping infants can continue sleeping on my lap while I ride. Since I wasn’t going to do this (or let the ticket person watch the girls while Kyle and I rode), no ferris wheel. Boo!

We rode the trolley back to our hotel, and called it a night.

On Friday, we were even more laid back! I spent some time in the hot tub in the morning (LOOONG overdue, what with pregnancy and all!) whil Kyle and the girls hung out in the room. We packed up, checked out and checked our bags. Lunch was at an odd little Pub that appeared Irish but was in fact Greek, and then we spent the afternoon at Millenium Park. The girls pretty much just slept.

You already heard about the ride home, so that pretty much sums up our trip. Not at all exciting, but at least it was a change of scenery!


  1. Glad you had a good time in Chicago. On a side note isn’t Giordanos’s AWESOME! We used to eat there all the time when we lived in Orlando because there is one in Lake Buena Vista by Disney, i believe its the only one outsise of Chicago but yes the stuffed pizza is MASSIVE and filling. šŸ˜‰ It’s SSOOO good though and we have wanted it ever since we came back.We I read that I literally sighed out loud. lol. Take Care!!