Five Generations (-1)

My Great Grandpa Thall came out to visit on Sunday for our evening service at church. He had yet to meet the girls, so my dad invited him out and arranged for my sister and I to sing on little notice. What resulted was a really special evening — a service in which Cassi and I sang, my dad preached, and Grandpa and Pauline visited with all of us for the first time in quite a while. It was wonderful to see them!

Here is a photo of a span of 5 generations (thanks for running after your camera, Megan, since the rest of us doofuses forgot ours!). Unfortunately my grandmother wasn’t here for the shot…. hopefully all 6 of us can be together for one in the near future!

Also, I had intended to record Cassi and I singing to share with those of you who might live, say, in Saudi Arabia, who have often commented on wanting to hear us sing (hi guys! :)). We forgot the camera, but picked up a sound recording anyway. It’s hard to find a song that fits both mine and Cassi’s ranges, and the audio obviously is just recorded as is during a church service, but you can hear both of us well enough, I think. I can’t believe it had been 7 months since the last time I sang. Something about not being able to breathe with 2 babies jabbing the diaphragm, I don’t really remember………….

Anyway, here is “Imagine Me Without You” (Jaci Valasquez). It’s not the best quality, but it’s something – and I for one ALWAYS enjoy singing with my beautiful sister! 🙂


  1. wow, i did not know that your great grandfather was living. what a great picture! your voices are beautiful. we will definitely have to have some singing for the holidays. all of your voices are too wonderful. i haven’t heard kyle sing for forever either. can’t wait to see the girls again and hear those giggles live!!

  2. Thank you! Yes, I was incredibly blessed that I knew (very well) 4 great-grandparents and even a great-great-grandparent until I was a teenager and young adult! Unfortunately, the rest are no longer with us (the last two on my mom’s side died within the last few years)… it is pretty neat, though!

  3. You guys did a great job. I enjoyed listening to it again! I am glad you were able to put this on for others to hear. Thanks for working with your dad so grandpa could come be a part of a special evening.

  4. Holy cow Jen! I am so glad that you put that up for us to listen to, you and Cassi sing beautifully together. I wish that we could have been there to see you guys live. I hope to hear more from all of you in the future, we’ve been really enjoying the sounds of the babies lately.