Zoo #2!

On Friday, after playing a bit in the morning and then checking out of the hotel, the girls and I headed for the Columbus Zoo while Daddy attended and presented at the conference.

On our way to the zoo, I pulled off at a small local park to see how the new(ish) camera handled fall foliage shots. It’ll do! 🙂

I’m never really impressed with the zoo in C’bus, although it has SUCH fabulous potential…. but the real reason we only stayed 2 hours or so was because it was so doggone cold! The girls were really cranky from a bad night of sleep in the hotel pack & plays, so any discomfort didn’t help the situation! They did look awfully cute, though, all bundled up!

We did see a few cute animals that are not currently at the Cincinnati Zoo, and I personally loved being in the cold… thrilled that Fall is here (again, and hopefully this time to stay a while!)

After a quick morning at the zoo, we spent the next few hours in the warmth and familiarity of the Polaris Mall…. nothing too exciting, even considering they have a Disney store. It’s such a small one, and it just made me mad that ours closed! 😉

We picked up Kyle at around 2pm, and headed back home. Just a quick trip this time!


  1. So I think you mixed up the names on the pictures with them in the car seats with their pacifiers, because if those are the right names, than I’ve never seen them look so much alike (or like the other one! ;)! 😀

  2. Which pictures, I don’t have any captions? The ones on this entry, where they’re in brown and pink hoodies? Are you looking at the file name? If you’re talking about these, Avery is in pink and Elise is in brown 🙂 Let me know if you’re talking about somewhere else, I totally could have but I’d love to change it! 😛

  3. Ha, I meant file name. 🙂 Well, you were right. 😉 But seriously, they look so much alike! 😀