For about 7 years now, Kyle has wanted – desperately wanted – a Segway. He saw them on one show or another, and did a lot of research, etc. It turns out, at the time anyway, they cost about $8K and were totally impractical.

Fast forward to our honeymoon, June 2004. We saw lots of Cast Members at Walt Disney World riding them, and my interest was piqued as well. Over the next couple of years, WDW would start offering tours. So naturally, during our trip in May 2007 we took the longest of 3 tours they offered. After 10 or 15 minutes through various obstacles to “teach us” how to use the personal transporters (it’s really quite intuitive), the tour took us through Epcot’s World Showcase before that portion of the park even opened to guests. The Segways were put in “turtle mode” to cover Disney’s butt for our safety, but they were still fun – and not a lot beats cruising through an empty World Showcase as the sun rises, in this Epcot-loving girl’s opinion.

The next few years were spent looking for Segway tours in other cities which we could visit, joking about opening our own franchise in Cincinnati so that we could write off a few Segways of our own (and introduce them to the city, of course). We joked about the fact that we’d have no idea where to ride, since there isn’t a whole lot to see except for within a short walking distance downtown. Then finally, this summer, it happened — Segways in Cincinnati… and at a brilliant location!

Eden Park is one of the coolest, most beautiful areas of the city. There are historic buildings, various statues and memorials, etc …. and more simple than that, a beauty that everyone can appreciate, especially in the Autumn — Lots and lots and lots of green space and trees, in what would essentially be an urban park if it weren’t practically a neighborhood in and of itself. It was the perfect location, and on the flip-side, the perfect way to experience the Park.

But if you know our love for the personal transporters, you know it was about more than that. I can see trees down the street 😛 No, in this particular tour, there was no turtle mode. We took those suckers to their max speed of over 12.5 whopping miles per hour. Hey, it might not sound like much…. but have you ridden one? It’s pretty sweet! We took them on ginormous hills (both up and down), around lots of hairpin turns on “Snake Road”, jumped them off of curbs (for real!), and bounced them around in the grass. And these were the most basic “city sidewalk” versions! Imagine what the x2 can do! One of us even took a huge, embarrassing crash, wherein a body and a segway both tumbled end over end in opposite directions! I won’t mention names, but HE is doing just fine….. we’re still literally laughing out loud. 🙂 The person who supplied the Segways said we were ‘naturals’ (hmm…) and pretty much just let us do whatever we wanted, for 2 hours, around the whole Mt. Adams area.

With the price dropping (so far) to about $5,000, our dream is more within reach — especially considering it doesn’t use gas! Not to mention the fact that there are apparently accessories for everything — passenger cars that hitch to the back, golf bag holders, shopping baskets, you name it! If we ever end up in Celebration, Oxford, Hyde Park, etc where it would make even the slightest sense to add one of these to our fleet (they so are not capable of handling highways yet for longer commutes ;)), you can bet we’ll be all over it!

(Yeah, not a great photo. The poor Segway chick (cool as she was) had some serious trouble with the camera… and it was my old, very basic, very simple and user-friendly one. Oh, well! At least the rockin’ vests show up loud and clear.)


  1. I’m glad you had a good time riding the segways (even though Kyle fell). 🙂

    …And yes, those vests are definitely amazing. 😉