Bella’s Blessings

I just wanted to take a minute to pass on a link that girl-mom’s will especially enjoy! After seeing a newborn several weeks ago with less hair than my girls – no lie! – sporting an adorable little bow that was totally staying put (flashback to the failed attempts of the velcro bows we tried with Cassi…), I googled such bows and found a site that seemed to offer what I was trying to find. I placed an order but kept looking around at various sites because I was finding this whole new world of infant accessories! (Hey, I never denied that I’m “such a girl-mom”! :))

I stumbled across Bella’s Blessings, whose mission is: “to pour out blessings onto others by using the gifts God has given us”, and placed an order there for a few more bows and a handful of completely adorable clips for when the girls hair comes in just a bit more. Lori, the owner of Bella’s Blessings, offers dozens of super cute varieties of both bows and clips (for girls of all ages) – as well as beautiful little kiddie jewelry – that she has been making since her daughter was an infant. I will definitely be ordering more from her in the very near future! She and I have communicated through a few emails and I wanted to pass her company along to you. She is a generous, gracious woman who also happens to offer a great product with good prices, very fast shipping, etc. I’m starting to sound like a paid endorsement. 🙂 I’m not, she is just totally deserving of an excellent shout out!

I’ll be sure and post pictures of the clips and bows, but I’m clearly having some trouble getting caught up and wanted to provide you all with the link before wasting any more time! Elise and Avery wore adorable red bows from Bella’s Blessings to the Miami game last Saturday, so photos are coming soon! 🙂

Please check out her site! (And check out the “Avery” clip — not named for my Avery, but very cute all the same! You know we ordered that one…)


  1. Thanks for the info about Bella’s Blessings. I love clips for Jenna and Kaylee’s hair (there’s even a Kaylee clip!!) and will be placing an order soon. 😉 The girls look adorable as usual, take care!!

  2. I loved Bella’s Blessings! It’s been a while since I visited the site though and I can’t seem to find her now. Any idea what’s become of Lori and her beautiful clips?