Love and Honor: The Next Generation (Part 1 of 2)

Last weekend, Kyle, the girls and I spent lots of time in Oxford, Ohio and on the campus of Miami University (where yes, we will encourage the girls to at least consider attending :)). The beauty and traditions of Miami hold such a place in our hearts, that we figured we’d introduce the girls to them as soon as possible. Homecoming weekend 2008 seemed like the perfect opportunity!

Day 1 (Friday) consisted just of an evening in Oxford. We had dinner uptown at 45 East, where the girls were extremely well behaved despite being tired.

{Note to self: there are only 2 highchairs in the whole restaurant, one of which seems to have been broken for quite some time.} {Note to management: While many weeks out of the year you cater only to a student body that’s something like 99.9% “traditional” students, weekends such as homecoming you might consider having more than 1 working highchair.} Anyway……..

After dinner we walked around uptown a bit before heading to the beautiful Hall Auditorium for the combined concert of the Miami University Collegiate Chorale (of which Jen is an alum), and the Miami University Men’s Glee Club (of which Kyle is an alum). It is a place we spent so much of our time, so it was nice to have the girls there — especially during rehearsal before the show, when it wasn’t such a big deal if they needed a bottle or decided to yell out 🙂

During the actual concert, we listened from benches in the foyer so as not to interrupt the concert if the girls decided to fight sleep. By this point, it was considerably past their much-needed bedtime. This proved to be a good idea! 😛

The choirs sounded amazing, as usual, and it was wonderful to catch up with a few very special people between acts. The girls looked awfully cute, too, all dressed up for their first night on the town! 🙂

And the most random note —

Kyle often talks about Elise’s “turtle face”. He tried on numerous occasions to describe it for me and even mimic it, but I couldn’t really understand what he was talking about. Then I got this shot, and knew in an instant it must be The Face. Ha! She never ceases to amaze me with the facial expressions…..