"A Change would do You Good…"

Ok, so you have obviously seen the major changes to the layout. (I seriously hope.)

I just wanted to pop in (for the 3rd post today, lucky readers! ;)) and point out a few other changes along the right sidebar. Toward the bottom you’ll now be able, if you’d like, to watch a slideshow of whatever Picasa album I’ve chosen. As labeled, it’s currently set for the October 2008 sub-album. There is still a link at the top of the sidebar to the whole slew of albums, or clicking on the slideshow will take you to the site as well. This is good, considering I may never remember to change the slideshow data but I ALWAYS update Picasa – with more photos than you’ll find on here!

Second, you’ll see a new link offering you the opportunity to “Never Miss a Post”. If you use Google Reader, etc to follow your favorite blogs, photo albums or other RSS feeds, this will help you subscribe automatically to the blog posts and/or comments. As I’ve mentioned before, Google Reader has been one of my favorite findings, because I follow dozens of blogs of family, friends, money-saving tips, Cincinnati news, Disney Everything (shocking!), etc. It dumps any new posts you’re subscribed to onto one page, and keeps them there until you read them. This is especially nice if you’re like me (or like I was) and remember a blog every month or two, and have to either wade through old posts or just guess at where you left off! πŸ˜›

The biggest drawback I know of with Google Reader and other feed readers, is that you don’t get to view the layouts of the blogs you read. I usually click to the main site of each blog every week or so (at least of personal blogs) to check them out, because I know a lot of effort can go into the look of your own “home” on the web. (I know this too well, as I’ve yet to do anything productive or even eat breakfast even though I’ve been up 5.5 hours — and only 2 hours of this time was spent with awake girls!). This also allows you to see photos properly aligned, slideshows, etc that don’t always work correctly with third-party viewing.

Another option is always, as my family does, to make ChateauKaufman.com your homepage. Kidding, of course (at least about you doing so). While parents, grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc love doting on the girls every time they sit down at the computer, I’m not offended if you have other things with which to fill your time, such as your own family πŸ™‚

I think that’s all, at least for now……

Make it a great week!


  1. I like the ‘remodel’!