Halloween 2008

On Friday afternoon, the girls and I headed to Max’s House to check out the kiddos in their costumes, and to visit with the staff. I came in just as they were finishing up group pictures, so hopefully someone will email me a copy. They all looked great!

Avery, Elise and Addy with Zoe, a therapy dog:

Elise and Avery were two little peapods. I’m not really that into Halloween as you may know, so we weren’t going to go all out – especially while they don’t even know or care what a costume is. I of course checked out the selection of Disney costumes, but alas nothing is made smaller than 6 months. Next year!

So anyway, as you saw a glimpse of on Friday (but probably couldn’t figure out ;)) my little sweet peas :

We had a nice visit at Max’s House and then headed home for a nap.

In the evening, it was time to make an appearance at “Trunk or Treat” at Lakota Hills Baptist Church. This might show you how crazy-hot our weather was, and still is:

We got to the church a little while before the event started, to visit with Nana, Pappy and aunt Cassi. It was scheduled from 6-8, but we knew we would never last remotely close to 8pm!

A few more pictures from the album – and then on to start one for November (already?!)!


  1. Elise and Avery are absolutely ADORABLE as little peapods 🙂

  2. Cute little peas in their pods!
    We can’t wait to meet them someday!

  3. Thanks, guys! Tom, hopefully it’ll be sooner than later. Tell Leighanna we said hello! 🙂