Family Portraits

Back in mid-October, we attempted to have family portraits taken. I didn’t get the “Smiles by Wire” feature since there weren’t many great ones, so I had to wait for them to come back and wait for a time to get them scanned before I could share. Here are my favorites! (Maybe some day, she thinks to herself, both girls will look at the camera at the same time, smiling or otherwise!)


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Those are great!

  3. They look great! Have you decided what you are doing for holiday pictures yet?

  4. Amy – I haven’t, but I desperately need to! I usually make our cards, announcements, etc so I probably need to at least have pictures to work with sooner or later. Our biggest problem is that the girls have beautiful outfits that they don’t fit into just yet! πŸ˜›

  5. I just made Henry’s appointment today. We are going to portrait innovations the day after thanksgiving. (I usually black friday shop, but they had an early opening so I took it). I can shop later. I just got Henry’s outfit…6-12 months…he’s such a big boy πŸ™ it makes me sad he is getting so “old” already!!