I came downstairs from grabbing a load of laundry and saw this:

I assure you I was upstairs for just long enough to grab towels out of the dryer! Avery had apparently decided she wanted to check out the tile floor instead of the blanket (or even carpet).

If nothing else, it’s time to make sure the floor is free of choking hazards, no?! 🙂

At the request of a reader or two (hi Chanon!), I took some additional video this morning. It’s not the same as baby giggles, but it’s something for those of you that don’t get to watch them grow in person every day!

Avery, after being safely replaced onto the blanket

Elise playing in her saucer (I suppose Avery wanted to make sure she wasn’t missing out on any fun) :

I have two pretty silly girls! 😛

{Editor’s note: If you’re like me and looking for holiday music, fear no more. I was disappointed to find that no stations have switched over yet around here, and even more let down that XM Holly – which has started on November 1st for at least 4 years – is nowhere to be found. A friend of mine, however (hi Kelly!), let me know about AccuHolidays! It’s really fabulous, and you should check it out!}

{Editor’s note 2: You probably noticed the clips/edits in the second video. I thought I’d spare you video of my girls’ alter egos, the Formula-Spewing Twin Fountains. You’re welcome.}


  1. What cute videos! Both of my boys enjoyed watching them. Brody loves babies! And every time Elise would fuss, Mason would say “Baby needs nap”…lol!!!

  2. Those videos are so cute! 😀 I love how Avery decided for the longest time that she wanted nothing to do with rolling (or moving in general ;), and now she won’t stop. 🙂

  3. Cute! I can’t believe how mobile they are already! Better get the saftey gates and other stuff ready!

    And yes, we are listening to Christmas Music here too. Nothing wrong at all about that! Thanks for the link to AccuRadio!

  4. I’m glad you all are enjoying the video 🙂

    Tom, the AccuRadio site is pretty cool! With most streaming radio I’ve found (Live365, etc) there are so many commercials, you can’t skip through stuff you don’t like, etc. The site lets you choose your style, skip songs, and has VERY few interruptions. I’m loving it!

    Lindsay, Mason is one smart boy! She really did need a nap!

    Cassi, you’re right. She’s a total goober … I think she’s trying to make up for it! Now Elise just watches her like she’s crazy – the roles have reversed for a little while! 🙂