Politics has no place on this family blog…

… unless, of course, it’s this article taken from Babytalk magazine πŸ™‚

Write-in Candidates for Babies
Just because they can’t yet vote, don’t assume babies are ignoring our talk about election issues. In fact, they may have a few opinions of their own.

Candidate: Mom

Strength: ENVIRONMENT – She’s dedicated to cleaning up toxic waste, especially when it’s in my diaper.
Weakness: ECONOMY – She constantly wastes money on dumb things like mittens and never buys what I really need: my own garage-door opener.

Candidate: Dad

Strength: FOREIGN-OIL INDEPENDENCE – Instead of the nasty “extra-virgin” peanut butter stuff that Mom puts on my bread, he gives me Marshmallow Fluff.
Weakness: FREEDOM OF SPEECH – He says I’m not allowed to use any of the words he shouted after he stubbed his toe.

Candidate: Grandma

Strength: GUN CONTROL – She takes my cousin’s Super Soaker away when he tries to squirt me.
Weakness: EDUCATION – She’s got a strict “No Child’s Behind” policy – I can’t sit on her lap when she reads to me, because it makes her arthritis act up.

Candidate: Ashley the Babysitter

Strength: PRISON REFORM – After Mom and Dad leave, she always springs me from my crib and lets me watch American Idol with her.
Weakness: IMMIGRATION – She invites her friends over and passes me around like a bowl of Veggie Booty.

Candidate: The Cashier at the Supermarket

Strength: DISASTER RELIEF -When I accidentally let go of the balloon she gives me, and it floats all the way to the ceiling, she forks over another one.
Weakness: FREE TRADE – She refuses to give me her scanner thingy in exchange for my sippy cup.

Candidate: Elmo

Strength: HOMELAND SECURITY – Thanks to him, I know the monsters under my bed are cute and snuggly and way too busy singing to eat me.

Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚


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