It’s another “twofer” day, lucky you! I just had to get this darn card cleared off, so you get two posts! (And just so you know, I am not promising (or threatening, depending on how you look at it) a new post every day for the long haul. I realized today that I never mentioned “National Blog Posting Month” on here, but I’ve set a goal to post every day this month…. I’m not sure I like this idea 😉 We’ll see…)

Some video of my little chatterboxes. They seem to take turns being talkative each week, which I suppose is a good thing. 🙂 This week, it’s mostly Avery’s turn —

Playful Elise (sporting the once-fashionable popped collar…)

Entertaining One Another 🙂 and then being entertained – quite easily.


  1. Okay Jennifer, those are absolutely adorable videos, and those girls are just too stinkin’ cute, but I only have one thing to ask, is that christmas music in the background of the last one?!? Seriously….lol

  2. Oh yeah! I apologized for the Christmas music on a previous video, you get no more apologies! 😉 It usually starts Nov 1st around here, but I was strong and waited until about the 4th (mainly because no stations started playing it, and I had to find my CDs). 🙂 Do you want to hear that I’m done shopping (except for 1 thing I have to pick up), have wrapped some and have decorated half the house (no trees yet!)? I love Christmas, to put it mildly 🙂

  3. Wow, I want to be you when I grow up. ;-P You are so organized, and with twins no less. I really don’t even START thinking about christmas until Black Friday when they have all the great sales. The closest I get is having a list from all my kids. Which every year becomes less toys and more really expensive stuff!! WTG!