5 months, 1 day! :)

If you’re keeping track, the girls turned 5 months old yesterday! You know what that means….

I was just telling Kyle that already, I can hardly remember them being newborns. They change and grow every day, and – if you’re a mama you know what I’m saying – I have totally mixed feelings about this, for sure! Nevertheless, we’re having a ball.

Both Elise and Avery are incredibly social right now. Their faces light up when they see familiar people, and they share smiles generously with strangers, too 🙂 They enjoy sitting in the swing so they can see across the room while playing with toys on the tray, but don’t usually use it for swinging…. go figure! They are really starting to love their exersaucer and jumper – even moreso now that their feet reach!

As I mentioned, we totally got rid of the specialty formula. The girls seem to be tolerating the “regular stuff” just fine. We are really starting to introduce lots of new foods, too! They have had (and mostly enjoyed) rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and now sweet potatoes, and we plan to introduce a new food each weekend while Kyle is home. As per the norm, we started with stage 1 foods…. but I think we might just skip to stage 2 for thickness (but still sticking with single-ingredient stuff to start). They really have always done better with fairly thick cereal, so the stage 1 stuff is so watery they don’t really know what to do with it. “That stuff is for babies,” they tell us 😉

We tend to think that ‘spitting up’ – which is really not adequate to describe the fountains they spew 24/7 – is for babies too, but apparently not just for little babies. Our big girls seem to be throwing up MORE as we introduce solids… odd. They still get Zantac two times per day, which keeps them from being in pain at least. Still, I don’t know how they grow. Everyone that spends time with them (pediatricians notwithstanding) says they’ve never seen babies lose as much volume and still grow. I personally have just never seen so much laundry! 😛

We’re working on sitting up either supported or in a “tripod” sit, but they still don’t quite have the hang of it. Their back and abdominal muscles are getting stronger by the day though, so I’m sure it won’t be long!

They continue to sleep about 12 hours at night, but not restfully. I imagine because they are teething and wakeful, they take turns each night either waking up to play at the most awful hours, or crying out and needing consoled (while sleeping, mind you) a few times each night. Hopefully this will pass, but I know I can’t complain overall! Daily napping is…. getting somewhere 🙂 Generally speaking, they nap around 9-11am, and 1:30-3:30pm. One or both of these naps, for one or both girls, is not as nice as it would first appear 🙂 They usually wake after one sleep cycle (40 mins or so) and play for quite some time, so they aren’t actually sleeping… which leads to cranky babies by the evening, so they often will take a catnap of 20-40 minutes between 3 and 4, which gets us to their (still early) bedtime of about 6:30. Phew!

They are still comfortably wearing 0-3 month clothing, although they are getting too long for some of the shorter 1-piece outfits. 3-6 month stuff still swallows them whole 🙂

Finally, around here we have had our holiday decorations up for about a week and a half now. The Christmas trees are up and lit as of this weekend, but not decorated yet. The girls are enthralled with them, as you might expect! As I type it’s snowing big, beautiful flurries…. I can’t wait to share this holiday season with our two most precious gifts!


  1. Avery and Elise look so big in these pictures! Time flies 🙂 / 🙁

  2. I can’t believe how big they are getting! I looked back at their first pictures in their chairs and am amazed. It doesn’t seem like it’s bee that long since I’ve seen you. Hopefully this weekend or after thanksgiving?!

  3. They’re getting so big (and just as cute as ever ;)! 😀

  4. They are so cute! Can’t believe its been 5 months already. Before we know it they’ll be celebrating their 1st birthday! ~Kathryn