I’m considering changing emails, to a gmail account. I have various reasons for doing this, despite not being impressed with gmail in the past. I’ve been an avid Yahoo user, for very good reasons, for probably 10 years. I’ve tried to “leave”, I’ve tried gmail specifically a few times. I still don’t know that I love it, but it offers features that are almost too good to pass up, for me personally (labeling emails to separate them without messing with folders, checking AND replying from various email accounts, etc). That being said, I hate the hassle that comes with new email addresses, and I just changed mine probably 2 years ago… and also, gmail doesn’t have any good names available! 🙂 I currently hold jennifernkaufman at gmail dot com from a previous attempt, and automatically hold chateaukaufman at gmail dot com by hosting our blog on its own domain. The first is so long, and the second I GUARANTEE you will get misspelled often, considering my name is misspelled enough in and of itself, forget adding a french word. No offense to this fine country, or the human race, but many people just aren’t ready for that. Especially phone customer service reps. 😉



  1. What I love about Gmail:

    – labels/organizing
    – Themes for your page
    – Search function is awesome
    – Simple, but you can add gadgets and tools if you want
    – Includes Google Chat (gchat)
    – Links at the top of the screen to other google features I use (google reader, photos, etc.)
    – Can do a google search on the web straight from your email page

    I had Yahoo, too. Once I started using gmail more regularly I realized how much I didn’t like yahoo. It’s just like anything else new – takes some getting used to the change.

    Hope that helps!

  2. You really hit the nail(s) on the head as to what I am intrigued by — labels, easy access to all the other google things I’m already using regularly, search…

    I’m just totally hung up on the address availability. I looked when gmail was brand new and couldn’t get a variation of my name (without the whole darn (long) thing). I hate trying to remember difficult or silly email addresses, so I wouldn’t want one of my own 😛

  3. I have no preference because I know nothing about gmail and at this am on the computer so little compared to the past, I have no input. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Do you like Spanish, CasaKaufman? Though I agree, I never knew if I was spelling your last name right so I simply have you bookmarked/homepaged. I’ll keep thinking but I doubt that I’ll be of any help! 🙁