Everyone’s Favorite Milestone…

This month, each girl hit their 1000th diaper (at least)! How in the world do I know this? Trixie Tracker. It’s overkill, it’s OCD at its finest, and now you know I use it and love it. 🙂

It’s really not such a new idea. Parent-led scheduling has been a valid school of thought (perhaps the most valid, but I won’t go there on a blog not meant for debate! 😉 ) for forever. I think that the way to be most successful at it, you know being an authority on parenting (please don’t miss the sarcasm here), is to direct your child but not based solely on what is convenient for you, but based on a mix of what your family needs with how the baby tends to be “wired”. With the advent of all this newfangled technology 😉 came the idea of “data-driven parenting“. Some people are probably appalled at the idea, but it works for us (and anyone else that I’ve heard has taken the time to use it).

The site/program certainly doesn’t tell you how to parent, it’s just a place to write down all the stuff that makes it easier to do so — when baby last pooped, first contact of a new food for allergy watching, and – the single reason I got it, and really the only thing I did very consistently — sleep tracking. Call me a huge geek, but it was SO much fun to see on “paper” when my newborns started consolidating their sleep into chunks throughout the day, and it was even more fun to watch it start happening consistently, to where I could continue fostering what was the most important “sleep habit” to me – putting the girls down awake, letting them fall asleep on their own. It has aided me in figuring out the girls sleep patterns and keeping them on a good schedule as early in life as possible — starting with the one enforced in the hospital and then moving to one that is THEIR own schedule.

(And seriously — it has lots of fun graphs, charts, etc!)

So there you go. Maybe some day I’ll write a real review on the product, maybe not. It’s fabulous, but maybe only to fill the ‘void’ left by no longer having anything to chart and keep track of! 😛

Anyone want to donate to a diaper fund? 😉