Balluminaria 2008

Last night after the game was over, we headed down to Eden Park with the girls, to take part in Balluminaria. It was apparently the coldest of these events on record for the city, and it felt every bit of a record low. Even with gloves my fingers hurt so bad I wanted to cry! Still, I’m glad we went. It was a short experience, but one we will definitely do again!

(Editors note: The adult female in this family (names withheld to protect the stupid) is not very together these days, and forgot a tripod. She knows better, especially considering one of the main reasons she wanted to partake in this event was the same reason the dozens of people set up in the front row alongside of her (all with tripods, mind you) had — to get cool pictures. Mirror Lake was frozen so the reflections of the balloons are not nearly as spectacular as they could be, but the rest of the blur is 100% that girl’s fault.)

{More (very mediocre) pictures in the album!}


  1. beautiful! i didn’t know this even existed. but i am pretty sure elise’s eyes are frozen in one of the pictures in the picasa album. 🙂