Black Friday Success!

We got up at 2:30am after just an hour or two of sleep, and headed out! We were in line for our first item at 3:00, where I left Kyle and headed out to a few places opening at 4. By 7am, we had hit 9 stores and were back home as our girls were waking up!

We got a car full of stuff, but my favorite is a gorgeous cashmere-wool blend peacoat (MUCH needed to replace my old ratty one!) for $49 that was originally over $200! We got a new digital frame for $30 ($70+ off), Webkinz Lil’Kinz for $3.50, a few gifts for others (that I’m not sure what to do with, considering I’m already “done” with shopping and most of it is already wrapped… might end up keeping some :)), some picture frames and things for around the house, and a small (22″) HDTV for $250 (was $550). There was more, but it’s all piled in the living room downstairs and my brain is fuzzy.

We got great bargains for sure, but I was mostly impressed with our efficiency! 😉

We’re off to Ottawa today, and hopefully at some point in our lives to sleep!

I hope you had a great Black Friday!