St. Nick and Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

For the last few years, since Kyle decided to start a St. Nick Day tradition with my family, we’ve found our stockings filled on December 6th instead of December 25th. This year was no exception!

Waiting Patiently for their Stockings

Girls with some of their loot

Thea with hers 🙂

Jen & Kyle’s findings

Every year for even longer than Kyle has been around (with us anyway :)), we’ve exchanged ornaments as well. A few years ago, Kyle started my collection of the adorable “Snowtop Lodge” series from Hallmark. This year was “Louie D. Lightly” – isn’t he cute?!

Kyle got this Mickey & Minnie ornament, and I picked out a few Hallmark keepsake ornaments for my parents and sister as well.

For the girls, we decided early on to get them a “first in series” ornament, from one of the two series that started this year (the year they were born :)). We loved the “Making Memories” series, so each of them got this adorable ornament to start their very own collection!

As you may have noticed, Elise & Avery didn’t find any candy in their stockings, despite the fact that the rest of us received plenty (including good stuff from Harry & David!). You see, the girls are too little for candy still! 😛 Instead, they got the next best thing (for babies anyway) … Bananas! We finally started the fruits, and they loved them (once they got used to them) 🙂

Finally, just another picture or two, until I can come back with more updates! Remember these hilarious girls? —

They’re back in sync! 😛


  1. Their adorable as always and they look extra cute sitting in their Bumbo seats waiting for thier loot!! 😉

  2. The cookies from your other post and the candy from this post are making me drool!

    Also, we started the same series of ornaments for Henry 🙂

    The girls are adorable-as always

  3. Awww, what a great tradition. Love the pictures, especially the girls waiting in anticipation!