Third Annual "Lawless Girls" Cookie Day

This actually isn’t all of the finished product, but you get the picture 🙂 I think there were 2 more kinds of cookies, a few more “dipped things”, and several batches more of most of the posted things. However, believe it or not, we scaled back a lot from the past two years! Case in point, 2 batches of cut-out cookies from last year:

Each of our recipes yielded significantly fewer cookies this year, and we were down about 4-6 recipes altogether from last year! That being true, somehow this year’s baking extravaganza took a lot longer than the first two. Could these two cuties be the reason, perhaps? 🙂

Avery learned a new trick, which she does during each and every nap time! She was quite pleased with the crowd’s reaction that day —


  1. YUM!! It all looks so good I may force you guys to send me some to brighten my mood. lol. They look awesome!!

  2. Do you realize how great that all looks? We should be pros. 🙂