Great Wolf Lodge

So in reality, we didn’t keep our plans of going to Holiday in Lights for long! About a week before Cassi’s birthday, it dawned on me that she didn’t even have a “party” planned for her Sweet 16, other than the usual dinner with family and a few friends coming over the following weekend. Since I was a totally different 16 year old girl and had a really big, really wonderful 16th birthday party, I wanted desperately to help make Cassi’s night equally as special, however different it would turn out.

There is a wonderful lady in the WCMOT&MC that helped arrange for a beautiful suite at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason. It was 2 stories, had 3 beds and a pullout, 3 TVs, etc and a beautiful stone fireplace! She also arranged waterpark passes for my dad, Kyle and I so we could celebrate with her, at least on Friday night.

We pulled off completely surprising Cassi, and all had a really wonderful time!

Before the girls were to arrive, I had gone to check in and make sure everything was squared away for the ‘party’. We didn’t really think this through, so I ended up pushing the stroller with one hand, carrying the cake one-handed in the other, all while balancing and/or carrying a diaper bag, camera bag, beach bag, duffel bag, 2 additional bottles, a cell phone and a can of diet dr. pepper. And somehow, I managed to arrive to the 4th floor room in one piece, having survived stairwells, elevators, lots of doors and buttons…. lots of fun. 🙂

Elise and Avery were supposed to take a good nap since they’d be up late, but instead took a very mediocre one.

After Cassi and some of her friends arrived, we ate pizza and changed for the waterpark. While the big girls were changing, Kyle, the littler girls and I went to the lobby in search of Little Swimmers and to track down Mrs. Claus to say hello.

My girls even went swimming, for the first time! They were INCREDIBLY tired, so mostly just didn’t care either way. (Several more photos in the December Picasa album) 🙂

After playing for a few hours (they have great tube slides!), we all eventually made it back to the room for cake and presents. The babies were beyond exhausted…

We left, the rest of the gang stayed for the night and into the afternoon/evening on Saturday. I think it turned out pretty well!

Kyle and I decided that we will definitely be back when the girls are toddlers. Half of the park was for little ones, and it looked amazing!


  1. We went to The Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin last year driving back from Terri’s house. It is an AWESOME place!! Glad Cassi had fun and your such a good big sister. 😉

  2. Hey Melissa, that’s exactly what I was going to say! Not that we went to the lodge, but what an amazing big sister Jen has always been. 🙂 Cassi is indeed very lucky. The girls looked beautiful, Jen!

  3. And it was definitely one of the most amazing times in the world! 😀 Thanks again for being a great sister. 🙂 I love you!